Square Actions Coin


Let us tell you, this challenge coin is HEFTY! 

To put it into perspective, the average masonic challenge coin weighs about 35 to 45grams. The Square Actions Coin weighs in at a whopping 88grams!

Measuring in at 2x2 inches and boasting double that of a standard challenge coin in thickness, this is a unique conversation piece that you can carry with you, use as a paper weight, or anchor down a boat.

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Customer Reviews

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craig di rocco
A serious coin!

This is a serious coin… more like a paper weight! Won’t forget to square your actions with this in your pocket that’s for sure. Great coin!

Kenneth Ketterman

Let’s talk about the uniqueness of this coin. It’s square! It’s thick! And it’s HEAVY! Love theses guys and proud to call them Brothers.

Manuel Carrasco
Coins vs Pins

I love your coinns, but why not a pin of the same? Masonic pins collectors are plenty all around the world! Please!

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