Welcome to Brothers & Bonds Co. 

B&B Co. was founded in 2021 by three passionate Freemasons seeking quality products to adorn on their nights at the lodge, and to compliment their everyday fraternal lifestyles.
The company was built on one simple philosophy - Make it better.
The bee in the Brothers & Bonds logo is symbolic of the best nature has to offer. Beauty, symmetry, and productivity comes from the united unwavering efforts of many bees.
Brothers & Bonds aspires to deliver that same experience to our customers by sourcing and delivering unique merchandise for Freemasons with discerning taste, across the globe. 

Our sourcing principle is to bring you carefully curated items that enhance your lifestyle. We work with craftsmen and artisans across the globe to bring you unique quality, that is often hard to find in the current age of disposable goods.
Our partners take incredible pride in their efforts of making “it” better, and our journey never ends. We love what we do, and we hope you will too!