Masonic Passport


This passport is our top selling product...and with good reason! Our Masonic Passport is the most intricate and well made on the market.

The Brothers & Bonds Masonic Passport was created to inspire members of our fraternity to travel more, discover knowledge, and support other lodges. 

Unlike other Masonic passports, every page of this Passport includes beautifully unique illustrations that only members of the Craft can truly appreciate. 

Each page offers a large space for a lodge-seal and additional notes about your visit. It also includes reserved space for appendant bodies of Freemasonry within the 50 page document.

Note: This is a novelty passport.  Ownership or possession of this product will not grant access or privileges of any kind.  The intended use of this product is to allow the owner of the product to document and reflect on his travels to other lodges and jurisdictions within Freemasonry.

Customer Reviews

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Tom Swahn Jr
My First Passport

As I near retirement, my wife suggested I visit the other Lodges in my home state of Vermont. What an idea! I remember the Passports coming out via a different vendor some years back but i never bothered to purchase them. Lo and Behold, when i got the email from Brothers and Bonds that they were coming out, i knew this was the time to purchase. What a wonderful and thoughtful item, now in my briefcase! It is already full of thought provoking pages and I cannot wait to add to them! Thank you!

Sharieeq Shakurh
Beautiful piece!

I truly love my passport and it has proven very helpful so far.

Daryl Holien

I have a number of passports from other companies. I also have the last release of a Brothers and Bonds passport. The item was extremely nice. This edition is above and beyond . If you are looking for a special piece of Masonic material…This is it. !!

Dr. Allan Hill, PM, PHP
Impressive passport

A beautiful piece of work!

jason L
Excellent Quality and Aesthetic

Love the Look and Feel of this Passport! Great for keeping track of the Lodges I have been to and my personal Masonic Journey.
Also a great conversation piece. Would definitely recommend to a brother.

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