Masonic Passport


This Masonic Passport was created to inspire members of our fraternity to travel more, discover knowledge and support other lodges. 

Unlike other Masonic passports, every page of this Passport includes beautifully unique illustrations that only members of the Craft can truly appreciate. 

Each page offers a large space for lodge-seal stamping and additional notes. It also includes an emergency contact information space located on the last page of the booklet.

What's even better is that a part of every sale goes to a local Children's Hospital, making each owner a part of a child's fight for better health. 


Note: This is a novelty passport.  Ownership or possession of this product will not grant access or privileges of any kind.  The intended use of this product is to allow the owner of the product to document and reflect on his travels to other lodges and jurisdictions within Freemasonry.


  • 30 pages of well-sewn and thick porous paper to prevent ink from seeping
  • 26 pages of lodge visitation with 13 pages of illustrations.
  • 1 page for your membership information.
  • Enclosed in a tri-folded card and sealed with a hard envelope for additional protection during long distance delivery.
  • 5.25"L x 3.75"W dimension for more writing space.

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