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In The Master's Chair is a comprehensive journaling experience and meeting planner designed specifically for the Master or Master-Elect of a Masonic Blue Lodge. This 219-page journal provides ample space for reflection and goal setting, allowing you to plan and organize your year in the East. From education, lodge business, degree work, to community events, this journal covers all the essential aspects of your role.

With detailed meeting planners for up to 12 meetings, you can easily organize your year as the Master. You can jot down notes about degree work, education, and other important items that you would like to bring into your lodge. The journal prompts offer additional guidance to help you reflect on your experiences and accomplishments. You can consider what you've learned and what steps you can take to improve in the future.

In addition to the meeting planners, this journal provides insightful prompts to help you explore various topics, such as your vision for the lodge, your biggest fears for the upcoming year, and how to communicate your expectations to lodge officers. The journal also encourages you to reflect on the past and consider what you can learn from past Masters and their experiences.

Whether you are a seasoned Master or a newly elected one, In The Master's Chair is an essential tool for any Masonic Blue Lodge. It is an excellent resource that will help you stay organized, focused, and motivated throughout your year in the East.


Example Journal Prompts:

- Which Masters stand out to you from the past, and why?

- What is my biggest fear for the upcoming year?

- Who can help me overcome these fears?

- What is my vision for the lodge?

- How can I communicate my expectations to the lodge officers?

- What new committees MUST I have?

Developed and Written by R.W. Bro. Don Kemball, Zeredatha Lodge No. 220 AF&AM. Published by The First Three Knocks - Masonic Podcast


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Richard Brown
Very helpful tool.

I gave this as a gift and he is loving it.

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