Golden Bee Coin

Bees hold symbolic significance in Freemasonry, primarily representing industry, diligence, and cooperative effort. Adding a Golden Bee challenge coin to your Every Day Carry or using it as a desk memento can serve as a reminder to live an industrious life while working towards the betterment of your community.
- Shipping first week of April
- Size: 3x3"
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Customer Reviews

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Matthew Valade
Photos don’t do it justice

The coin is great, heavy, and detailed, even the wife was impressed, the pics online don’t do it justice

Kevin Cripps

These are amazing coins. The attention to detail is as good as any coin I’ve purchased in the past. As it is a symbols in my 3rd degree I am very proud to own this coin and will be honoured to present the second I bought to a fell brother.

Thank you again for this and everything else. Brothers and Bonds are truly spectacular with their customer service. We had a hiccup, my fault, and the team at B&B were stellar in helping sort this problem out.

Jon B
Warden’s gift

These coins have wonderful detail. Size and weight were perfect. These are perfect for your collection or as a gift to a Brother.


The coin is too nice. I wanted something to keep in my pocket. This is an amazing peice of art and should be redone smaller for an everyday carry. Its an amazing display peice and the craftsmanship is beyond any expectations. Thanks for such a cool coin

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