Masonic Leave Behind Tokens


Freemasons around the globe can now spread random acts of kindness with a single challenge coin - A different kind of challenge coin.

The small Leave Behind Tokens are meant to be left in unsuspecting places for citizens of the world to find, cherish, and reflect on.

Just as many of us have stumbled upon a lucky penny while out-and-about, the intention of these tokens is to brighten someones day as they stumble upon them at a movie theater, bus stop, baggage claim, or along a sidewalk.  As one side of the coin is minted with an actionable directive to spread kindness, the reverse side bears the Brothers & Bonds square & compass, in hopes to intrigue anyone who finds it.

Sold in packs of 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100, we hope that the message on the back of these masonic coins will allow lucky finders to associate our Craft with the kindness and positivity we are known for. Who knows, it may even encourage someone to learn more about The Craft.

Do you carry these tokens with you?

Send us a message using the form below to let us know what interesting places you have left them for others to find!



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